Welcome to is a state-wide network of independent therapy providers devoted to optimal patient care through our shared call center and collaboration tools.

Our network connects physicians, hospitals, and patients to qualified experts in independent practices across Arkansas. Our call center schedules patients and our secure information sharing and collaboration tools empower providers to offer integrated and collaborative patient care, state-wide.

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Therapist Connection? is a product of Arkansas Therapist Connection. We are changing the face of behavioral health in Arkansas by offering services to connect Arkansans with local behavioral health experts. In addition to online collaboration tools, we offer management services for independent practices in Arkansas that include credentialing, billing, reception services, web design and online advertising.

Access to behavioral healthcare is a problem in all 50 states and Arkansas is no different. Studies show that 116,000 of the 2.9 million Arkansans have a serious mental illness and many others struggle with mild or moderate behavioral health concerns. For instance, 10% of teens experienced depression in the last year, 9% of children in Arkansas have ADHD, and 1.5% have Autism. The vast majority, around 70%, seek care first through their primary care physicians.

Our goal is to have every independent behavioral health provider in Arkansas utilizing the network collaboration tools and every physician in the state aware that they can get their patients access to quality care through


About Us

Before you join our network of clinicians, you probably want to learn more about who you’re working with. First and foremost, we are all Arkansas mental and behavioral healthcare providers, so we are able to help our network of clinicians with a variety of avenues to opening a new office or developing their existing practice.

Adam Benton, PhD

Adam Benton, Ph.D.

Licensed Psychologist, Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Benton has over a decade of experience in the mental and behavioral healthcare field. He works as a child psychologist at Arkansas Families First. With years of advanced training and a successful private practice, Dr. Benton decided to share his years of experience in the field with his peers as a co-founder of He helps clinicians build their practices, and helps patients find the right offices to help them with all of their mental and behavioral healthcare goals.

Mary Ekdahl, PhD

Mary Ekdahl, Ph.D.

Licensed Psychologist, Chief Operations Officer

With two decades of mental and behavioral healthcare experience, Dr. Ekdahl offers treatment and evaluation services for kids and teens at Arkansas Families First. She puts her decade-plus of successful practice management and expertise in the field of psychology to work helping her peers improve their practices as one of the co-founders of There’s nothing more important as a mental healthcare professional than helping patients find access to develop a meaningful relationship with clinicians who can help them reach their goals, and that’s what we aim to do for our clinicians and patients.


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