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A good website can tell potential clients and referral sources that you run a professional clinic with the services they need, or your site can send the wrong message. In the past, clinicians felt they only had two options for creating a website – pay too much to have professionals design and maintain their content or build their own less professional site. What if there was a way you could design a professional looking website without investing time and money training as a web designer and programmer? With our Web Design Start Up plan, you can create and maintain your own professional looking practice website – without the assistance of pricey professional services or cheap looking DIY website builders.



What You’ll Learn During Consultation Sessions

You don't need to spend tons of money on a professionally made website for your small practice just to find that anytime you need to update it, you have to pay someone to make the changes. Similarly, you don't have to settle for a cheap looking site just because its, well, cheap. Let us get you started with a well-respected website design platform that you learn on your own, potentially saving you thousands of dollars and getting you hundreds of patients. Most importantly, you can show your potential clients and referrers exactly who you are. When you control the development and maintenance of your site, it’s your voice your clients will hear, and you know you’re making the right statement.

We'll help make sure your site:

  • Looks professional, clean and clear
  • Has a personalized domain name
  • Has SSL encryption
  • Is able to connect to your patient portal, if applicable

We’ll help your site:

  • Get found with SEO optimization
  • Perform well for better click through rates
  • Ensure security for you and your clients
  • Allows easy access to necessary information
  • Allows patients to pay online, if applicable
  • Meets or exceeds HIPAA standards

We’ll help your clients and referrers:

  • Find you quickly
  • Get the information they need
  • Access educational resources
  • Schedule appointments
  • Provide referral information
  • Connect to online information and payment portals, if applicable

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